Friday, February 3, 2012


Months from now, my mom's house will be finished and we are all excited to do the furnishing and put items that we love. I was given my own room and i was able to select items and designs for it. I would love to have a small outdoor pavilions for us. My mom would love this idea. I am very excited for our new home. I hope it would be finished soon.

Plastic Business Cards

I am planning to make business cards and sell them. I am fond of making my own designs and was able to create nice business cards. I am looking for more unique way of making business cards until i realize that it is possible to create business cards plastic instead of the traditional paper style one. It would be much better than the traditional since you are sure that it would last longer.

Smart Shopping

Looking for a place to buy carhartt overalls? is the place to be. If you want to have a smart shopping experience, you don't need to go elsewhere, instead you can just stay home and shop all you want online! Different items, clothings are available for everyone for discounted prices. This is really time saver and would be a smart move for you.

Missing college days

I miss college, i miss being in school and i miss being with my friends. I remember the days when we enjoy classes and gather together laughing our hearts out. What i misses most are my lab days. We had fun doing experiments and compete with one another, i remember one instance of accident in one laboratory ovens which was caused by my naughty schoolmate. So happy that these guys are doing well today. Hoping to see them all again.


My niece if fond of playing yoyo. I never thought that there are a lot of types of it until i went online and find it. My niece will be delighted if he will be seeing different types of yoyo online.One example is duncan metal drifter which is pretty cool. I saw affordable prices online. It's very affordable and i'm excited to buy one for my niece's birthday.

Duncan Metal Drifter Yoyo

decorative switch plate

I was browsing online and checking different stuff for home then i saw decorative switch plate covers which for me are very cool. Who have thought that we have this type of item. Switch plate covers with different designs are pretty cool. I really wanted to avail this to my future home. I wanted to all of my light switches have this.

Green Dots SwitchplateCrazy Circles SwitchplateYellow Dots Switch Plate

Pumps for you

You might be looking for a place to buy industrial pumping equipment well you've come to the right place. is the best place to buy all types of pumps like for sewage, trash pumps, chemical pumps, self priming, gusher pump, water pumps and more. These are all 100% manufactured on the USA. Prices here are unbeatable so you can never find any other better deal than this.

Moving out!

I'm planning to move out soon and friend wants to stay with me when i move out. I wanted to be with her as well but most of the time i wanted to sleep alone. I am thinking of buying adult bunk beds for both of us so that we'll have separate beds and to save space as well. I am so excited to move out and try to live on my own.

Cedar Lake Twin over Twin Log Bunk Bed

Free youtube downloader

Ever had a time that you really wanted to download a video from youtube but you dont have any idea how? You might know this but we have now free youtube downloader which gives you a chance to download your favorite videos online from youtube. It's really helpful since you can go back to your downloaded videos all over again, watch it every time you wanted without going online anymore.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Maternity Clothes

My cousin's tummy is getting bigger and bigger that she really needs a lot of maternity dress. I wanted to give her some as a gift and i am really having a hard time shopping outside since designs are limited. I went online and i've seen the best maternity clothes ever. Good thing i was able to go online and check for it before i buy outside. There are great selections and best prices.

Great News!

My cousin will be having her first baby this March and we are all excited. I haven't thought yet of my gift for her baby. I am thinking of a very usable gift for both of them. Upon going online, I was able to see UppAbaby stroller at a very convenient price. Pretty deal for me so I put this on my targeted gift for them. So excited to see her baby boy!

Discount Coupons Online

Ever tried to use coupons to have discounts on items that you like? I myself tried to avail one and it's really a great experience having discounts on things that I love. One example of this is redenvelope coupons which gives you best deals every time you buy gifts! Online you can have all the red envelope discount codes and avail different items for personal use or as a gift.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gifts for Baby Shower

One of these days, i will be visiting one of my friend that will have baby shower. I'm already excited but i still don't have a gift. I was looking around different shops and seems like everything are common, I wanted to give something unique for my friend's celebration. I was browsing online and i passed through this site that has for sale items and gifts for baby shower. I was delighted since these are unique baby shower gifts that i cannot find anywhere else. Good thing i was able to pass by this site.

Uniform for Nurses

Are you looking for a unique nurses uniforms? You can find a lot out there but if you are looking for something unique, you can go online and find different sets of unique uniforms for nurses. You can find different nursing scrubs, uniforms and even maternity scrubs and these are for man and women with different sizes. is one place on where you can avail these items.

Life at 30

Yes, it's my 30th year in this world. And yes, I've been through a lot of ups and downs and it doesn't mean that I gave up in li...