Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Samsung S3 or Sony Xperia S?

I'm planning to buy a new phone real soon but i'm still confused with a great a number of cellphones available in the market, it's very hard to decide right away. My target would be at least 4inch screen. I am thinking of either samsung s3 or sony xperia s? I really like samsung s3 but it's a bit expensive compared to sony but it is very thin and has a big screen which is my target. Hopefully i will be able to decide right away. I really wanted to have a new phone soon.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Electronic Drums

I love music since then. When i was in highschool, i started to play guitar. It went on as a hobby for me. But then i've been feeling that i wanted to learn something new this time. I wanted to play drums. However i still don't have funds to buy my own set. I saw this electronic drums online and i really love to have of this. I started to save up to be able to have this by the end of the year.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

On sale guitars

Are you looking for a guitar on sale? Do you know that lee ranaldo jazzmaster is currently sale online? When i mentioned this to my flatmate, he went crazy since he really like this guitar. I actually saw this online and you might be looking for other type of brands. I suggest that you take advantage of it while it's on sale.

Yardley of London

Next week is my friend's birthday and until now, i wasn't able to buy a gift for her. I was kinda hoping that i would be able to look for a perfect gift for her online since i really don't have time to go out anymore because of my schedule. As i am browsing on possible gifts online, i found products of yardley of london which i thought would be perfect as a gift. Now \i don't have to worry anymore, i just need to wait for it at the convenience of my home.

Name Badges and Tags

I have a lot of friends that works in an office and one thing that i checked when i come and visit their office are their name tags. I saw couple of name tags and they are really unique. But i was hoping to find one without going too far. Upon browsing online luckily i figured out that this is also available online. QuickNameTags.com name badges are so cool and is a perfect match for my office. Name plates are also available here and you can order now and get it fast!