Friday, August 24, 2012

Outer banks

Have you had any vacations recently? I always wanted to go out and have a vacation on outer banks. It would be a perfect time for me to go out and have a vacation since i am so stressed at work right now. I saw different locations with great outer banks and i am so excited to file my vacation leave next month. If you also want to get information with different locations for outer banks, click outerbanks mls here for more information.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Personalized Suits

Are you working in a healthcare industry? Are you wearing customized scrub suits? I am currently working as a registered nurse and what i enjoy most is wearing customized suits with different colors and designs. I was looking online and i saw Greys anatomy scrubs. I am a big fan of this show, I really wanted to have this type of suits.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sweet Tooth!

I totally love sweets. I can't go out and go home without buying candies or chocolates. However there would be times that i wasn't able to go outside to buy some. I thought of checking online and see if there's available sweet that is for delivery. I was right! there are actually a lot of online stores that sells candies and chocolates. As soon as i saw this Nostalgic Candy for sale i ordered right away. Now i can have supplies of sweets even if i'm home.

New Laptop!

My mom just bought me a new laptop and i loved it! It was a red hp laptop with good features it. I actually had one before but my mom decided to use it and she agreed to buy me one. Cool isn't it? The last thing that i need is to buy myself a bag for my laptop. I am looking online and i saw dakine laptop bags which i would say a perfect fit for my taste. I'm enjoying this laptop so far. I am so happy today.

Disk Defragmenter

I had this computer for a long time now and it really running slow lately. I've tried several things but nothing seems working. I was told by a friend to run a disk defragmenter. In that way my computer would be running faster and it would be helpful for my computer to be re-organized. Hopefully this works since i really had a hard time using this computer these days. I also wanted to play games without interruptions.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


One of my goal by the end of the year is to buy an ipad. I'm just wondering where can I buy the best ipad? Since there's really a lot of websites to choose from. I really don't have an idea on the best place to buy this item. I'm just hoping that wherever i buy, i'll have the best item. I'm very excited and couple more months i will be able to save enough to buy this gadget that i want.

Life at 30

Yes, it's my 30th year in this world. And yes, I've been through a lot of ups and downs and it doesn't mean that I gave up in li...