Saturday, December 28, 2013

Audio Mixers

Since we have a lot of gigs this coming holidays, we tend to ran out of songs to sing so we are planning of putting up new instruments on our band for a change. My band mate thought of adding up gemini mixers which is a very good idea. That's why i love my band mates, they are not boring and they always come up with good stuffs. I'm hoping that we can pull this idea out.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gift for my mom

This coming Holidays, one of the things that we are looking forward to are gift givings. I wanted ot give a special gift for my mom since i haven't seen her for a long time. I really appreciate her working for our living and despite of the distance, she never forgets us whenever we need her. I'm thinking of buying her birthstone jewelry. I am hoping that she will like it.

An Early Christmas Gift

This holiday we had a lot of gigs scheduled and i am very excited to go up on that stage and perform. My dad just bought an early Christmas gift for me and my band. I did';t expect him to buy Squier Stratocaster Packs for us. I really love my dad, he us such a supportive dad and he is always there for us when we need him. Thank you so much dad for an early Christmas gift.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas Decoration

Few more days and it's already Christmas. My neighbors seems like excited since Christmas decorations are already placed on their houses. Christmas lights are starting to show up on the streets. For our home, i'm still trying to think decorations that are a bit new from last year's decoration. I'm thinking of putting more white led christmas lights for a change to make it simple. Geez, i'm getting excited now.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Working Hard

We will be visiting out new home up North and I was informed that we have a lot of things to do. My mom is trying to save some money by doing some chores by ourselves instead of hiring a lot of people to the job. My family, using different tools worked out well for this and now we are not yet done, now we are here again to finish what we've started.

New Guitar

I almost jumped up and down upon seeing affordable squier telecaster that i found online today. I also wanted these type of guitar but never had a chance to see discounted prices. They are a bit costly and i don't have a budget for this type of equipment. I'm still trying to think if i will buy it or just wait for next time. I really want a tablet for Christmas but i guess i need to also aim on having this guitar before the year ends.

Folk Instruments

My group went on a mini concert. My band mate's girlfriend is part of that band. I'm quite amused whn i saw that they are using folk instruments which i never tried before. It's nice to know that these type of instruments are still used with modern music. We enjoyed their play list and we really had a great time last night.

New Gig

We are planning to have a gig at a bar that recently opened yesterday. We are excited since it's quite a big place and they have all the equipment that we need. I saw a microphone on one of their equipment and o remember seeing this ntg3 rode at musicians friend. We wanted to have this mic for our group real bad. I guess we have to double our effort to have more funds for our equipment.

Monday, September 30, 2013

How to make my computer faster

I am always wondering how to make computer faster. I recently realized that my computer is not as fast as before. I have a lot of applications and files that are important and cannot be deleted. I was hoping that there is a certain program that would make my computer faster. My brother gave me some tips and its a bit helpful. It's to search online and let's see what helps.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Part Time Job

I love my part time job. My job of the office is not enough that is why my part time job is very important. I am still in search of different ways of making money online like blogs, articles, ebay cash, SEO optimization and a lot more. I am hoping to learn more and earn more before the next year starts.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Collector's Items

We went to our uncle's house and i was really amazed. It's my first time to go to his house and i didn't expect that he will be that type of a collector. He had plates, brass pots, paintings, gold, silver coin on the walls and it's all over. It's almost looks like a museum to me. My uncle said that he started collecting stuffs when he was 30 years old. He is so interesting. I really enjoyed his place.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Business Woman

I really love to sell things. Since i was a child, i dream of being a successful business woman. Right now at the office i actually sell stuffs as an extra income but i was hoping that i can make it as a full time job in the future. I am actually selling wholesale cheap jewelry on our office and it's really doing good. I really hope that someday my dreams will come true.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Maintenance Time

It's maintenance time and we got a lot of work to do. It's good to once in a while check on every little of the house since this is our investment and we need to maintain it. I got some drawers that are broken and i needed 22" drawer slides as replacement. Some chairs too needs to be fixed, an a lot more. Well i guess it would take me a week to fix everything here.

Double celebration, Double the fun!

It's going to be my boyfriend's birthday real soon and I'm very excited since it's a double celebration. He just got promoted and it's his birthday as well that's why we will be arranging a big party! We already have plans on what food to prepare and one exciting activity is Karaokle time. i just need to buy this exciting vocopro wireless microphones at musician's friend to complete the set and we are good to go!

Surprise for Him

My boyfriend is a musician and his birthday is coming. I always want the best for him and i'll do anything to make him happy. He totally flip my world upside down that's why on his birthday i will be surprising him with an epiphone sheraton at musicians friend. I totally feel that he is going to love it. I really hope he does.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Remedy for Hair Loss

My hair is so thin an i feel like i need to do something about it. Sadly, hair loss treatments are so expensive that i don't think i can afford it. The only option that i could think of is buying wigs. In that way i don't have to be shy or conscious of my looks, specifically my hair. I saw ultimate looks wigs online and i really wanted to buy and try one.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Battle of the Band Preparation

My band is almost complete and so as the instruments. We are actually planning to join our school's battle of the band. However we still lack other stuffs like amplifiers. I saw cheap fender mustang iii v2 at musician's friend and i thought that this is a great deal. I tried to check other websites but this is the cheapest and even saw great reviews about the product. Few more weeks and here we go, Battle of the Bands!

Trombone Player

My brother just learned how to play trombone and i'm happy for him since it's not usual for someone to learn this type of instrument. The only problem is the stand, i am actually planning to buy an affordable trombone stands at guitar center for his birthday and i'm sure he will be happy for that. I myself wanted to learn how to play this instrument but seems like this is just for guys. Just saying....

Friday, August 2, 2013

New House is almost Done

We made a visit on our new rest house and we were delighted since we are now seeing an almost complete house. The house was painted white and yellow, rooms already had beds but living room is still in progress, TV is there but there't no sala set and furniture yet. We are also planning to place speakers, good speakers on our living room. I already thought of exceptional cerwin vega at musicians friend so hopefull with the right budget, we would be able to complete the things that we need on our living room.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Guitar for ME

My guitar is kinda getting old and i thought of buying myself a new one. Hopefully i would be able to buy one next month. We have a mini concert at school next month so i was hoping to use it for that event. I still love my old one since it's my very first guitar, but of course i don't want to overuse it and don't want to make it look that old. I just saw discount guitars at musicians friend and they have good stuffs right there.

Time for new glasses

I'm pissed coz i broke my glasses again. I was hoping that i'm gonna have this glasses for long but it got broke right away. It's not worth it since i spent a bit much for this glasses. Well we need to move on right? I just looked for half rim glasses online and i was delighted to see a lot of good designs for a cheaper price. I think i'll just buy online then.

Yoga Classes

Lately, I've been noticing that i am getting fat again. It's really hard to maintain weight especially if obesity runs to your family. I have a lot of training and workouts but i wasn't able to maintain and be consistent since i lack time. Today i am planning to start doing yoga classes. I just need to have yoga mat strap before our training and i am good to go.

Recording equipments

My group and I are planning to upgrade our equipment for our recording. As we are browsing online, we saw recording equipment at musicians friend and we thought that this is a great catch. We better do a lot of gigs and all that for us to be able to have some funds to buy these equipment. I'm looking forward on having these equipment.

Grandpa's Death Anniversay

It's few more days and we are going to celebrate my grandfather's death anniversary. My auntie's and uncles are planning a big celebration remembering our grandfather whom passed away few years back. It's also a get together for us relatives. They are actually planning to do the celebration on our house. I don't thinkn that that was the best idea but everyone already agreed to it. Good thing that I still have spandex table cloths from that i can use for our tables. I have a lot of things to do so i need to keep moving.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


My dad is working at a company that he loves for decades now. One day, he was really pissed of when their completion of the project was delayed. I was informed that they need print brokers to fix the issue. I really don't know what that means until he told me about it. Good thing that now, everything is fine and is now back to normal

Practice Time

My mates are at home and we are now gathered to have a practice for our performance on our company's anniversary party. I haven't thought of us friends having a chance to perform over a crowd. It's our first day of practice and i really got amazed with my friends guitar. It seems like the best danelectro guitar that i've ever seen. I am hoping to have one of those in the future.

Visiting Newly Wed

We visited a long lost friend that recently got married. It's nice to finally meet some of my old friend and i felt happy for them being married or engaged. We went to the newly wed's house. It's not yet fully furnished but i just noticed their nicely done bathroom. Elegant tiles was used with bathroom vanity cabinet placed on the side. How i wish to also have a home of my own.

New TV

My mom bought a new flat screen tv for our living room and we are so happy it. We are enjoying watching movies and tv shows much more because of the size and resolution of the television. Since my mom bought the TV, i presented to buy flat panel TV stands for it. I just noticed that after having a new TV, our family is now having more bonding since we all enjoy watching.

Party Party!

My dearest friend will be having a pool party this weekend. This is my first time to visit a pool party that's why i'm very excited right now. One problem is that i still don't have a swimming outfit to wear. I don't have time to go out but then i realized that it would be better just to shop online. I checked for beach house swimwear and i saw a lot of types and designs. Now i don't have to worry anymore on what to wear for the party.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Recital Gift

My niece is included on a ballet recital and i'm very excited to watch her perform. I never saw her do her thing but i bet she's good. She's my favorite niece that's why i am also planning to give her a gift. I'm now looking online and i'm seeing a lot of ballet recital gifts here. Hopefully she will like what i will buy for her.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

For our first recording

We are about to start our practice but we are missing one important instrument. Before, we already planned to add exciting cow bell to some of songs but we forgot to put it on our to buy list. It's really important to review your things to buy before going our and order it. Anyways, our first practice went fine, i guess we are now very prepared to record our very first song ever.

Recording preparation

It's now our off and my group is already planning to start our recording session. In addition to the recording set that our group is planning to buy, we also saw excellent digitech rp55 that we can also use for our recording. Of course acoustic is fine but it's always better to have some effects on the recording. Me and my group are now excited to have our new equipment. Thanks to our beloved sponsors for making this possible.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Jam Time

I love to record songs. My friends and i used to hang out at home and jam. We do record cover songs and we are also planning to do original songs for a change. I just thought that perhaps it's time to upgrade our equipment. I saw this alesis io dock at guitar center and i think it's perfect for our recording. I truly believe that this is the item that i just need to buy to pursue our plans.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weekend Trp

It's almost weekend and i'm excited for the trip that we'll gonna have this saturday. We are going out of town to visit our uncle and cousins. My uncle came from abroad and was gone for a long time so this is a big celebration that's about to happen. I am still looking for a present and i just remembered that he loves to collect different cigars. I went online and look for cigar samplers. Hope he'll like what i'm going to buy for him.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Bride to Be

My best friend will be married next month and i am her maid of honor. As her maid of honor, i will be doing my best to give her the best wedding ever. But of course, we don't have all the money in the world. With the right price, i wanted to prepare something unique. I am thinking of making a video and that will serve as our giveaways to our guests. I just need to find a cheap disc duplication service to do that. I hope i will have enough time to do this since it's a month away and i haven't started anything yet.

My safety

My schedule got changed yesterday and it's very very early. I felt unsafe but i got no choice, my shift starts at 4:30am, and it's still very dark of course upon going out this time. I think I should buy pepper spray so that i will feel safe. These days i hear a lot of stories of people being held up and their gadgets and money are being taken from them. These days i should be prepared.

Ski Time!

I haven't tried skiing yet and i got so excited when my friend asked to go out and ski. Problem is, i don't have womens ski jacket yet so i went out this weekend to buy it. Good thing there are sale, since they are a bit costly. I really hope that we will have a great time. I am so excited!

I'm feeling the Changes

I really feel that i am getting old because of different changes that i am feeling on my body. I tend to be forgetful sometimes and my vision starts to get blurry. I really need to buy my own reading glasses right now. Time really runs so fast and on my adulthood and is starting to feel different things, life is short, we should enjoy ourselves and be the best that we can be.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Look for our Living Room

I have plans of changing our living room design. We are actually planning to rebuilt and put a lot of decorations. My mother even wanted to place wall fountains indoor. Isn't it cool. Well we already started on extending the ares and even placed tiles on walls making it unique and classic. I'm excited to buy stuffs to add up on the decorations.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Christmas Time

Few more months and Christmas is near again. I remember on our last Christmas, we had a lot of decorations and we placed a lot of white string lights everywhere. It's nice to celebrate Christmas since our relatives will be at our home and we had games for kids and exchange gifts to each other. I'm looking forward on the next Christmas celebration.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Living room decoration

I'm planning to buy stuffs for our living room. i am looking for different styles and designs online. It's nice to have a lot of pillows and decorations for our living room. I saw different meditation cushion online and i love to have them at our living room. I love nature colors like mocha, brown, green, olive green. I'm so excited to decorate my living room coz it's my favorite place to stay at our home.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Be healthy

Today, eating nutritious food is not enough. Because of our environment and stress, we need extra vitamins and supplements since not all are available on the food that we eat everyday. I myself admits that i don't have much nutrition that i need since i always buys fast food since i don't have much time to cook for myself. My friend recommended floradix and i was hoping that this would give me the energy that i need and the health that i should have.

Recording time

I love to sing and record my own cover of my favorite songs. My only problem is that i don't have the best equipment that i can use for my recording. I wanted to buy a quality recording mic and i wanted to have a studio of my own. I am hoping that soon i'll have what i want and fulfill my dream to be a recording artist. I hope it's not too late.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Stepfather's back

My stepfather is with at home for a short span of time. It's nice to have him back here. He always makes sure that his stay is worthy. He fixes everything that needed fixing. He makes things for us to use. He does have most of the tools needed for carpentry, even deburring tools. One time it rained so hard that our ceiling broke down. Water are everywhere and good thing that he's here for help.

Creating Pillows

Are you looking for foam rubber for cushions? I love pillows but good pillows are a bit costly. I tend to buy my own foam and compile a lot of it to create a very huge pillow. My bed has a lot of pillows everywhere. i even place pillows on our living room. That's why our guests enjoy their stay on our place.Why not try creating one for yourself and your family.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Audio Books

Home alone again from work and got nothing to do again for today. Sometimes i'm too lazy to go online and browse stuffs again and again. I thought of buying books for a change but i realized that books can be downloaded online now and you can ever listen to them. I'm interested on audio books download free service. I wanted to see if that's much better compared to reading things on your own.

Catalog Project

I'm trying to help out my sister for her project and i'm getting stressed out. We need to print catalogs and we don't have any idea on where to do that. Good thing i checked online and there i saw printing catalogs online which we can avail. Good thing that almost everything can be seen and puchased online. We are now few steps away on finishing her project.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Laptop Upgrade

I'm planning to upgrade my laptop since i wanted to have a much faster processor and much more size of memory. I can delete my files but i can't guarantee that it will totally be removed. I'm thinking of availing wipe hard drive free service to be able to assure that my files will be removed totally and i will not have to worry about my files being hacked or used by some one else.


One of my hobby is singing and i used to record it. I only have a simple recorder and don't have a way to edit or to make it better. I just heard about cubase and i find it interesting. I wanted to make my recording to the next level by using instruments that could make a perfect record. I just learned that cubase is a tool for correcting and enhancing vocal recordings. One more thing about is that it can edit voices from multiple tracks in one single editor. I'm so excited to buy one of this.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Pretzels Fever

Pretzels has been my favorite snacks ever since. As i am browsing online, i saw these unique pretzels. I'm really curious on how they taste. I remember one time, i really craved for pretzels, out of nowhere, i went out all by myself just to get one, no actually i ate three big pieces. So funny that happened. I planning to have this food trip again with my friends. :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Books to Sell

It's my off today and it's cleaning time for me. I have a lot of things to work on in terms of cleaning, and that is also disposing my things like books, magazines, etc. I was able to find a place on which you can sell your books. Good thing that there is such thing, i don't want them to go to waste just like that. Good thing that i was able to still sell them and make it useful for other people.

Dad's birthday

My dad's birthday is about to come and i don't have any idea on what my birthday present would be. I thought of a watch before but i just realized that he already have a lot of those. As i saw him everyday, i noticed that his briefcase is getting old and dirty. I thought of buying a brief case instead. I really think it's a good idea. I am looking online for leather briefcase for men and i've a lot of good deals. I hope he'll like it.

Demolish Day

On my way to work I just noticed a construction ongoing near my work place. It's a mall as i heard. But how about the factory that was there? I heard that it will be demolished. All the structure, hydraulic power unit, and everything else will be removed. Sad for those people that will lose their job, hopefully they will be given the chance to just work at the mall to be built soon.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Strings Strings Strings

I'm in hunt for guitar string coz' my old brand sucks. A lot of my friends said that GHS strings is one of the best. I need to find ghs strings online since i am so busy at work. No time to go out and look for it. Hopefully i will be able to find it online and just have it delivered at my own convenience.

New Flat screen TV

My mom just bought a flat screen tv for our home when she got home from abroad. We are very excited to watch movies on a better and much bigger screen. I just need to make sure that premier tv mounts was already bought so that when the TV arrived. It will be placed right away for viewing. Now I can't sleep because i'm very excited.

I missed Biking

One of my agents is planning to buy a bike. I myself wanted to buy a bike someday. Biking is one hobby that I wanted since then until my old bike got broken and didn't have the chance to have it repaired. If i will be able to buy my bike, i will be buying suv bike rack so that i would be able to go to any place with my family or friends to bike.

To buy list

I've have been a guitar lover, and so as my boyfriend. We've been looking for different brands online and we saw a lot of good stuffs. One i did like is great Fernandes Guitars. It's so cool that i wanted to buy it right then and there. If i just have enough funds this is one of the things that i will be putting on my "to buy list.

Lighter Present

It's my friend's birthday next week and i haven't anything to give as present. It's a bit hard for me since she almost have everything that she needed for her everyday living. I just thought of things that she can use for everyday. She is a smoker, not a chain smoker but just smoking few sticks per day. I thought of giving her xikar lighters that i saw online. That could possibly the best option for now since i also don't have that much budget. Hope she likes it.

Printing Company

I am looking for overnight printing company since last week and until now, i haven't seen a decent one. I am trying to look for a good design and logo for my business. I am new on this town so i didn't have much knowledge on where to look for this type of company. Good thing that we were able to check on the internet and it really helped us look for options. Hopefully i will be able to look for the best by tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Guitar Strings

My guitar string fell apart again. It's irritating to buy new set of strings almost every other week. I really do need to upgrade and change the brand of string that i'm gonna buy. First-rate D'Addario guitar strings that i saw online could be the end of this. I'm gonna try it and hopefully this is the string that i am looking for.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Birthday Present

I'm thinking of buying a watch for my father's birthday this coming may, as i am browsing online, i saw a lot of good watches with discounted prices. One brand that i saw and i want is TAG Heuer. I guess this is the best so far. I am hoping that i can some a bit more for his day. I hope that he will love my gift for him.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Leaks on Pipes

We are currently having issues with out pipes at home. My uncle is willing to help us out, all he needs to do is to buy supplies for the repair like pipe clamps and a lot more things. This is really a good thing since we will be able to save a lot. Instead of hiring a repairman, we can just let someone that we trust do the job. I have leaks on our kitchen. It's a total waste of my time.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Electric Guitar

My boyfriend is on a band and his birthday is coming up. I wanted to be able to give him the most special gift that i can give. I wanted to be able to look for a cheap guitar. As i've checked the prices, oh my... i am hoping that i can save on epiphone les paul 100 since this is the best electric guitar so far for me. I am very excited to see more and be able to buy it for his birthday.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Uncle Sam

I already missed my favorite uncle. He used to live at our house but right after he had his job, he already moved. I am not sure though how he does on his job. I heard he is selling medical apparatus. I am happy for him since he have a descent job. He was able to help healthcare facilities to have the device that they need for medical purposes.I even have a friend who's father is a doctor and is asking about colposcope price which i don't have any idea but it's nice that i was able to help out my uncle in some way, like for example referring him to people who is looking for healthcare device or machine.

Hiking Stuffs

One of my goals by the end of the year is to go hiking. My brother and i had planned this for so long and we are aiming to do it soon. Couple of my friends are very interested and excited for this getaway. This needs preparation and budget so i kinda starting to know the things that i need to bring and buy. My friend shared his list of things that he brought with him on their hiking. I just saw on his list marmot plasma 15 sleeping bag. Wow, i also wanted that. Pretty descent list, i'll make sure to have all of this bought for our hiking.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A night of Gig

My good friend is on a band doing gigs every night, i haven't went on any of his gigs before but last night i finally had a chance and it was great. I'm so proud of them. They are so cool, how the vocalist sing, their instruments, speakers, everything is just great. The show was nice, awesome m-audio fast track pro, as they mentioned, did helped a lot on their performance, it give them nice effects and fine sound so it really helped them a lot on their performance.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Treatment centers for Drug and Alcohol

It's sad that these days, a lot of people are into drugs and over drinking of alcohol. It's fine to drink alcohol occasionally and perhaps every weekend, as for others, this is one best way to relieve stress but for drugs? Taking it to relieve stress is never considered to be an excuse. Good thing that these days there are inpatient treatment centers that help out those people that are alcohol and drug abuser. It's never too late to turn yourself in these facilities to change your life.

Helmets for safety

My boyfriend owns a motorcycle and it's a great help since i am on a morning shift, transportation is hard. And of course, we need to make sure that i will also have a helmet to use for my own safety. I tried to look on local stores buy designs are so much limited. I thought of looking online and i was absolutely right. Designs are countless and sizes are also available, i also saw bell helmets availble. Good thing that i checked online.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Saw Blades

My uncle lives with my family. It's nice to have an extended family at home. It's fun and you will have a lot of help when you need it. My uncle is working in construction and it's very convenient for us in case something needs to be fixed at home, we'll just let him know and he will do the job. There's one time where in he needed to fix our play house and we went out to buy diamond saw blades for his equipment to use. Our playhouse is now fixed and kids at home is already enjoying it.

Columbia Jackets

I'm planning to go out and shop. I really have very few clothes to wear at our office. I'ts very cold out there and i need to buy several jackets for my everyday use. I sort of want to have columbia jacket type of jackets since they are thick and i will never feel cold out there. I was able to find some cheap ones out there, hopefully there would be more designs and colors available.

Old Stuffs Rocks

I'm a huge fan of people who collect antique stuffs. That includes furniture, dollar coins, toys and many more. Perhaps that's the reason why i love going on museums. Hopefully i would have time to go to other museums with a lot more old stuffs especially those that tells our history. I'm actually planning to go to our local museum this weekend. Excited much!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Birthday present

I just missed the birthday of my bestfriend's mom. My schedule is very hectic and i have so much to do these days. I am hoping that it is not too late to give her a birthday present. I actually saw this cheap mothers rings online and thet are very affordable. I guess this is the perfect gift that i can buy for her. I hope it's not too late. Better late than never right?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dj Mixers

I once dreamed of being a DJ. Yes, i am a girl but who cares, right? I am actually trying to look for DJ mixer tools that i can buy to use for practice. It's not to the point that i wanted it to be my career but i would love to make it as my regular hobby. It's also cool if you have a party at home and there's a DJ that would make the party go crazy. I'm planning to buy Rane dj mixers. Oh gosh, i need to save money now.

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Birthday Bash

I just celebrated my birthday and it was a blast! Though i just invited couple of friends and my team, it was really fun. What we enjoyed the most is our karaoke time. We sang fun songs that everyone knows, it was really fun and this is one of my birthday celebration that i will never forget in my entire life.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vacation time

I'm getting stressed from work and i really wanted to go out and have some fun. I want to have a vacation with either my family or friends. I am looking for one affordable place to go and stay on. I'm planning to go to North Carolina if possible. As i am browsing online, i saw a real estate holden beach nc and i would say it's very perfect place for me to stay if my vacation leave will be approved. I'm very excited now.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tannng time

In preparation for our pool pary tomorrow, my cousin and I are into some beauty remedies. I wanted to look pretty, unique and different, especially that I know we haven't seen each other for a long time now, if I will have a diffetent look I know they will be amazed. My friend's mom owns a tanning bed and I'm very very excited yo havr my skin tanned. I've done yhis before and I look amazing.Good thing that their tannng bed eas now fixed, they just need to replace their tanning bed bulbs for it to work. Yry.. I'm super excited!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Pool party preparation

i am very excited for our pool party on my brother`s place tomorrow. We really prepared for it so much that i almost used up my salary for the whole month but anyways, this event is so so important since this is our vey first family reunion and what's good is that everyone that we expect are gonna be coming. This better be good... we even put hayward pool lights on our pool. I am very excited for tomorrow. I am super excited to see everyone.. oh it's been a long time.:-)

Life at 30

Yes, it's my 30th year in this world. And yes, I've been through a lot of ups and downs and it doesn't mean that I gave up in li...