Tuesday, June 18, 2013


My dad is working at a company that he loves for decades now. One day, he was really pissed of when their completion of the project was delayed. I was informed that they need print brokers to fix the issue. I really don't know what that means until he told me about it. Good thing that now, everything is fine and is now back to normal

Practice Time

My mates are at home and we are now gathered to have a practice for our performance on our company's anniversary party. I haven't thought of us friends having a chance to perform over a crowd. It's our first day of practice and i really got amazed with my friends guitar. It seems like the best danelectro guitar that i've ever seen. I am hoping to have one of those in the future.

Visiting Newly Wed

We visited a long lost friend that recently got married. It's nice to finally meet some of my old friend and i felt happy for them being married or engaged. We went to the newly wed's house. It's not yet fully furnished but i just noticed their nicely done bathroom. Elegant tiles was used with bathroom vanity cabinet placed on the side. How i wish to also have a home of my own.

New TV

My mom bought a new flat screen tv for our living room and we are so happy it. We are enjoying watching movies and tv shows much more because of the size and resolution of the television. Since my mom bought the TV, i presented to buy flat panel TV stands for it. I just noticed that after having a new TV, our family is now having more bonding since we all enjoy watching.

Party Party!

My dearest friend will be having a pool party this weekend. This is my first time to visit a pool party that's why i'm very excited right now. One problem is that i still don't have a swimming outfit to wear. I don't have time to go out but then i realized that it would be better just to shop online. I checked aquabeachwear.com for beach house swimwear and i saw a lot of types and designs. Now i don't have to worry anymore on what to wear for the party.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Recital Gift

My niece is included on a ballet recital and i'm very excited to watch her perform. I never saw her do her thing but i bet she's good. She's my favorite niece that's why i am also planning to give her a gift. I'm now looking online and i'm seeing a lot of ballet recital gifts here. Hopefully she will like what i will buy for her.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

For our first recording

We are about to start our practice but we are missing one important instrument. Before, we already planned to add exciting cow bell to some of songs but we forgot to put it on our to buy list. It's really important to review your things to buy before going our and order it. Anyways, our first practice went fine, i guess we are now very prepared to record our very first song ever.

Recording preparation

It's now our off and my group is already planning to start our recording session. In addition to the recording set that our group is planning to buy, we also saw excellent digitech rp55 that we can also use for our recording. Of course acoustic is fine but it's always better to have some effects on the recording. Me and my group are now excited to have our new equipment. Thanks to our beloved sponsors for making this possible.

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