Saturday, February 1, 2014

Invitation to Perform

I'm very happy when one of my friends called me up and their uncle just opened up a bar and restaurant. She is inviting our band to perform on their opening night. What a pleasure! I'm very excited now. I needed to buy the best road ready case at Musicians Friend ASAP in preparation for our trip. This is a very good news to my band mates.

Beats by Dre

As a supervisor of a call center, one of my things to do is to listen to the call s of my agents and make sure they provide the best customer service. I needed a good headset for this and the one i bought is crap. I should have bought beats by dre instead. Well i'll be putting on my things to buy list for next week. This headset is a bit costly but i know it would be worth it.

Road Trip

Me and my dad will be having a road trip together together this weekend. We will be going out of town and look for used cnc machinery for sale. My dad works with machines and he needs replacements of some equipment. I don't have an idea what he's really doing but i just need to spend time with him, come with him and support him on whatever he's doing.

Bass Guitar

Me and my band is thinking that our instruments and lacking and we might need to add few more to make our band unique. We are thinking of adding Schecter Bass. This is so cool since we only had lead guitar, piano and drums. Bass guitar could be a big help for our band. Hoping we could be able to come up with funds to buy it.

New Guitar

I miss playing guitar. It's been a while since I played one. I'm hoping this time my playing would be continuous. I'm actually planning to buy a guitar online like g&l guitars at Guitar Center. I'm almost there on my savings, few more dollars and i would now be able to buy it. I'm very excited to have and play it again. I have a lot of songs in mind that i wanted to learn and play.

Life at 30

Yes, it's my 30th year in this world. And yes, I've been through a lot of ups and downs and it doesn't mean that I gave up in li...