Sunday, October 15, 2017

Tourist Spot | Ocean Park in Hongkong

I've been at Ocean Park in Manila but I heard that Ocean Park in Hongkong is way better. I tried to search on attractions and rides here and it's stunning! Here are some information that I got from Best Places to Travel website: The Ocean Park is the amusement and entertainment center of the broadest scale in the whole south-east Asia. There are motor-driven recreation games stimulating one's feeling, super-momentary feeling cinema house and the exploration of maze in ancient countries etc. You may take the cable car across the hill top to find the world largest scale Marine Park of coral reef aquarium where there are more than 4000 kinds of tropical fishes, blazing with colours. If the time allows, you may see divers feeding and playing with sharks in the shark aquarium. At the same time, you can enjoy the excellent performances by ocean animals in the ocean theater and play wonderful and exciting motor-driven recreation games, such as frenzied crossing hill car, swing-to-sky pendular boat and somersaulting flying eagle. In the ocean sky-scraper tower which is the tallest in whole Asia, there is revolving cabin to look down at the beautiful scenery of the ocean area and islands. You may take the out door mountain-climbing escalator, which is the second longest in the world, down to Middle Kingdom. It is the village in the style of ancients which is a tourist center.

Inside the village, all huts, bazar, workshop, temple and Buddhist pagoda are all built moddelling the ancients, with five thousand year old Chinese history reappeared at present. Inside the village, there are also demonstration making of different kinds of traditional arts and crafts and street performances. The Panda Park which was inaugurated in last May, is the new item of the Ocean Park which occupies about 2000 square meters with the cost of 80 million H. K. dollars. It has been built in accordance with the natural environment of panda's living conditions, with the temperature at 20C all weather and moisture at 50-60%. Inside the park, there is viewing veranda for visitors to see the living activities of two national treasures "An An" and "Jia Jia".

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